My close friends knew why I left. Others had suspicions. My Spanish teacher asked my mom once if I had cancer. I had to get special permission to wear yoga pants to school because none of my other pants could stay up.


I took a leave of absence to go to an inpatient treatment facility where I would spend seven weeks. My classmates started noticing I had been absent for several days and questions arose. They wanted answers, but I could not be reached.


I heard from people I had not spoken to in years.  I have found myself going through these writings and trying to align them with the status of my recovery.  Over time, all the writings seem to say the same thing.


Our society has created templates for humans to express feelings for one another. The greeting card industry provides a pre-selected script for those who do not have the time to write out their feelings. We all spend the time looking for the perfect card that says exactly how we feel. We are prompted with reminders and suggestions of when we should do so.  And we follow.